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This Is The Biggest Threat Facing Google Right Now - 1

For example, Xiaomi, Chinas leading smartphone maker, replaces Google Play with its own app store. To put this threat in context, Apples iOS operating system has a market share of only 11%. That means Google, not Apple, is Googles largest competitor. By powering such a large percentage of the competition, the company has become its own worst enemy.
Original version, visit http://time.com/money/3093863/google-android-biggst-threat-aosp/

iPhone Owners Sext Twice As Much As Android Users - Yahoo News

Please enter a valid phone number. Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done iPhone Owners Sext Twice As Much As Android Users By Michael Andronico, LAPTOP Staff Writer 51 minutes ago 0 shares View photo .
Original version, visit http://news.yahoo.com/iphone-owners-sext-twice-much-161715606.html

Samsung unveils Galaxy Alpha with a new design approach | Greenbot

Availability will vary depending on the market. Samsung is not done releasing phones, as it next will unveil the Galaxy Note 4 on September 3. Greenbot will be on hand for the press event in New Pusat Handphone Android York. The build of that device will indicate how far Samsung is willing to take its push for a new design.
Original version, visit http://www.greenbot.com/article/2464173/samsung-unveils-galaxy-alpha-with-a-new-design-approach.html

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